Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Patrick Berry

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando

Head Golf Professional

Current Employer: Dorset Field Club in Dorset, Vermont

PGA Member Patrick Berry says that people skills are key for golf professionals. “I believe that success comes from taking a real interest in the people we are dealing with, and if you are genuine, people can see and trust that.” Berry is Head Golf Professional at Vermont’s Dorset Field Club and a graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando.

Berry felt he left school with a solid foundation in instruction. “I've always been an advocate for GAA because I think that it helped prepare me to work in a golf operation immediately out of school,” he says. “I felt that there wasn't any aspect of the business that came as a shock to me, and I got right into the business.”

Berry encourages students to take lessons from as many people as possible to find their style, then stay true to it. “Ask a lot of questions, study different styles of management, both in and out of the business, and continue to work on your game,” he says. “You can learn something from everybody you deal with, some things you'll want to copy, and some you know you'll never want to do.”

What's in His Bag? Callaway

Golf Ball of Choice: Callaway

Best part of his job: “It changes year to year, but I guess at this point, my favorite part of the golf industry is the amount of technology that we are using to enhance the experience of our golfers. We can use it to teach, run events, help them book caddies and everything in between. It feels like the industry has changed so much and this wave of technology has made it fun for us as well as our clients.”

Patrick Berry