Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Ryan Kern

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in Phoenix

Director of Golf

Current Employer: Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona

As a PGA Professional, Ryan Kern takes a holistic approach to improving golf swings, including mechanics, mental focus, course management, practice strategies and club fitting. He says that Golf Academy of America in Phoenix dramatically improved his own skill set.

"They not only had a very well-rounded curriculum on teaching or playing better golf, but they included business classes and attitude and motivation classes to help glue it all together," says Kern. "Not to mention Fred Barr's assistance in job placement. He got me a job my first semester at GAA. He really cares about each student's future in the industry."

Kern currently works as the Head Golf Professional Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona. He says attitude, people skills and golf-specific knowledge have helped him advance to this position. He advises students to, "work hard on developing your leadership skills and hold onto the passion you have for this industry. If you are passionate about something you will make money at it."

Best part of his job: "My favorite part of the job is watching the face of a student light up after a perfectly stuck golf ball. It's a feeling that captures people into this wonderful game and I am blessed to be in a position to help in all areas of the industry."

Ryan Kern