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16 Months (or less) to a Career Change

Nov 24, 2014

Corey Fields snapshot from our Golf Academy Interview.

Question: How long would it take you to switch careers at this point in your life?

Obviously, there are a ton of factors that affect your time frame – experience, age, education, etc. What if you could successfully switch to a completely new career where you love going to work every day in just over 12 months? Sure, it seems like a quick turnaround. With the help of Golf Academy of America, Corey Fields did just that.

From Restaurant Manager to a Job in the Golf Industry

As Corey was running restaurants at 25 years old, he knew that he wanted to do something he enjoyed for his career. He was ready to make that change, and he knew what career he wanted to pursue. “I was playing golf four times a week. I decided I wanted to be a golf professional, but I needed experience and educational experience related to the industry,” explained Corey.

But he had one problem. He definitely didn’t want to go back to school for four years. “At 25, I wanted to make the transition quickly,” Corey stated.

That’s where Golf Academy of America came in. The college’s 16-month program was perfect. Little did Corey know at the time of enrollment, he wouldn’t even need that long to land his first golf industry job.

Making the Commitment to Your Career

When a person decides to make a career change, he or she has to go all in. That’s exactly what Corey did. Although the golf side of the curriculum was important, it was the business side of GAA that was instrumental in Corey’s career development. “The whole curriculum translated to the business side of golf. I also learned how to teach golf,” said Corey.

Heading into his last semester at the Myrtle Beach Golf Academy of America campus, one of his instructors told him about a job opportunity. Corey interviewed and landed an assistant golf pro job, while he was finishing out his degree. His effort, dedication and connections made while attending GAA enabled him to complete his career change successfully.

One of the keys to Corey’s success was his willingness to pursue a career in golf that wasn’t necessarily a playing career: “I played in PGA sectional events, but I wasn’t in the boat of being on tour. I realized there are so many different avenues in the golf industry, plenty of opportunities throughout the country. Most importantly, I learned how to run a business.”

Corey Fields translated that business experience at GAA to a successful career in the golf industry. His career has taken him from assistant golf pro to PGA professional to manager of the Golfsmith Callaway Performance Center in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With a little dedication and determination, Corey now gets to work in a career he enjoys every day. He summed up his experience at GAA in one word: “Fantastic!”

Check out our interview with Corey to learn more about his Golf Academy of America story:

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