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17 Reasons Why You Should Attend Golf School

Mar 26, 2015

17 reasons why you should attend golf school

Do you keep swinging at the driving range until the lights go out, or until even the blisters on your hands have blisters? Do you read every golf book out there, trying to learn the swings of the greats like Palmer, Nicklaus and Trevino? Was it like love at first sight the first time you hit a drive on the sweet spot and watched the ball tear down the middle of the fairway?

If this is you, we want you to keep it up. Keep working until you break 100. 90. 80. Par. Break par. And we also want you to check out these 17 reasons why you should consider attending golf college.

17. Golf can be your career. You don't have to be Rickie Fowler to have a golf career. And you don't have to be Rickie Fowler to attend golf school. It's estimated that the golf industry has an economic impact of $76 billion every single year. There are opportunities to work for golf brands, golf resorts and golf courses. You can teach golf. You can make clubs. You can manage tournaments.

16. You can play golf every day. Where else can you work on your golf game right after your business class?

15. The weather is great. Golf college campuses are in warm weather areas. Or at least they should be. We wouldn't recommend any golf schools in Nova Scotia. No offense, Nova Scotians.

14. You'll meet other people who love golf. People who love golf tend to get along. When you attend a golf school, you'll be with a lot of people who love golf. You'll never have trouble finding a foursome to hit the course on Sunday.

13. Golf. Lots of golf. Did we mention you can play golf every day?

12. There are lots of golf jobs out there. An estimated 2 million golf jobs, to be more specific. Golf college prepares you for those jobs.

11. Specialization. Golf college allows you to specialize in one industry, and helps focus your talent toward landing your dream job.

10. More golf. Don't forget about that. Golf. Every. Single. Day.

9. You'll play courses you wouldn't normally play. Golf schools typically have access to partner courses with discounted rates or rounds that are included in tuition.

8. An amazing collection of golf shirts. When people hear you're going to golf college, you'll probably get golf shirts all of the time. Golf shirts at the holidays. Golf shirts on your birthday. You'll have every style of golf shirt that exists. And it will be awesome.

7. Networking. Golf schools typically have connections with golf companies, plus you'll form long-lasting relationships with your fellow graduates and instructors.

6. Access to the latest golf technology. Golf technology improves your game. While in golf school, you can take full advantage of technology you otherwise may not have at your disposal.

5. Golf. OK, that's the last time.

4. Skills. You can learn the business from the ground up, including how to change your own grips and fix your own clubs.

3. Advice and guidance from the masters. Established golf schools feature golf pros that have dedicated their lives to the game. They're the Yodas of the golf world. Who better to learn from?

2. You'll get a degree. Golf schools such as the Golf Academy of America allow students to get an accredited degree while golfing a lot. You can't beat that.

1. The chance to do what you love. If you're truly passionate about golf, why not go all in? You could experience your love of the game every day of your life. Oh yeah, and get paid for it.

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