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A Day in the Life of a Golf Academy of America Student: Peter Watts, Orlando

Mar 12, 2014

After completing a two-year associate’s degree in his home state of Michigan, Peter Watts made a huge decision. He had earned Criminal Justice credentials, but his passion was golf. Watts had been playing since the age of six and worked at a local course under a Golf Academy of America graduate. He decided to head to Florida and pursue this new career direction. As a first semester student, he couldn’t be more pleased with the path he has chosen.

“I wanted to do something that I could be passionate about every day of my life,” said Watts. “Golf was it.” He’s now working through Golf Academy of America in Orlando’s 16-month program, enjoying his time learning in the classroom and on the course.

Each day is different for Watts and his fellow first-semester students. The average student is enrolled in Business Management, Business Writing, Attitude and Motivation Assessment, Business Writing, Rules of Golf, History of Golf, Golf Fundamentals, Short Game 1, Tournament Golf and Microcomputer Applications.

Here’s what a Monday looks like for Watts:

7:30 Rules of Golf

  • Review homework.
  • Watch a presentation regarding a specific rule and discuss.
  • Go over the definitions, and perhaps review an example from the Tour.
  • Discuss practical application and receive homework.

“This is nothing like any class I’ve taken before,” said Watts. “Any topic, situation or subject, I can’t get enough!”

9:30 Business Management

  • Turn in homework and review it.
  • Dive into the next chapter.
  • Break into groups for the second half of class.

According to Watts, “This class is taught by a golfer who used to run a course. It intertwines golf and business. We were just assigned partners for a group project where we are to invent a product or bring something new to the golf world.”

Lunch Break

Watts eats off campus, on his way to the golf course. He often packs a meal.

12:30 Tournament Golf

  • Sign in and get a scorecard.
  • Hit or putt until 1 pm.
  • Play 18 holes.

“We are placed into tours,” Watts explained. “There are six tours and two flights. You could be with students from any semester.”

5:30 End of Day

Watts heads home to have dinner and get started on homework. He usually completes about two hours of coursework per night, or sometimes saves it for a longer session on the weekend. Tuesday brings a whole new schedule.

Weekly highlights for Watts include his Wednesday Skills class, where fourth-semester students help with the instruction. He’s also looking forward to club fitting instruction later on. “I had a plan when I started, but these classes are helping shape the direction I will take with my career in golf. I have been exposed to many new things and am keeping my mind open.”

He offered advice for those considering a golf education. Golf Academy of America is the place to be, “If you can’t get enough of the game and see yourself working the in the industry. I loved the atmosphere and the people I met. I loved what was going on behind the scenes and what really runs a golf course. I think this is the best place to go to find a golf job. It’s tough without this education and training.”