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Add Some Substance to Your Golf Style

Jul 28, 2014

The days of showing up to the golf course wearing baggy cargo shorts and a pique polo are long gone. It’s no longer good enough to show up at the course simply ready to play. You have to be ready to play and ready to say, in the words of Will Smith, “I make this look good.” For today’s golfer, style is another essential component to the game. Certainly marketing is a huge part of the fashion culture of golf. All of the big brands have their showcase stars. Nike has Tiger and Rory. Adidas has Sergio. Puma has Rickie. But the competition of these and other brands is actually good for the amateur golfer as well. Each golf season, most brands are developing lighter fabrics, more comfortable golf shoes, and yes, wilder colors to be worn on the course. While a highlighter yellow shirt with Carolina blue plaid pants may not be for everyone, innovation and a little fun from golf brands make the game better for all of us. Here’s a look at some fashion-forward trends in the golf world:

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You’re on your feet a lot when golfing, so let’s start with the shoes. One non-mainstream brand that’s making a lot of noise with its unique style, comfortable fit and color options is Kikkor Golf. Kikkor has fully embraced two hot trends when it comes to golf shoes today: spikeless and golf shoes that don’t look like golf shoes. For some real flash on the course check out these Kikkor Selects:

When it comes to trend-worthy apparel, Puma has boldly taken a step forward with its golf line. Fueled by Rickie Fowler’s famous all-orange Oklahoma State Sunday swag, Puma has expanded its roster to include other young stars like Lexi Thompson and Jonas Blixt. Puma is clearly targeting the younger demographic with its product offering. Not only does Puma offer a bright color palette, their golf shirts fit well and are lightweight. Look good while you feel good!

Man in duo-swing golf polo.
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Let’s face it. It gets hot on the golf course no matter how lightweight your golf shirt is. When it comes to protecting your head from the heat, nothing works quite like a golf hat. Instead of pairing your bright golf clothes with a bright hat, rep your home team with one of these Bridgestone NFL® Hats. Whether it’s July or November, football season never ends these days, so why not wear your team colors to the golf club.

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It wouldn’t be a proper golf style blog without discussing cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are not golf shorts, so if you want your style to match your sweet swing, you’ll pick up some lightweight golf pants. A favorite color that’s loud but not too loud is royal blue. Check out these Nike Modern Tech pants. Cut in a slim fit, these pants pair well with almost any golf polo.


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The best thing about all of the new style offerings in the golf world is that you can create a style of your own. Gone are the days when one rack at the sports store had golf apparel. Now there are entire stores filled with golf options. So find a look that matches your game and hit the course with confidence and style.