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An Inside Look at Golf Club Assembly and Repair Classes at Golf Academy of America

Mar 11, 2015

Men repairing golf clubs

A master craftsman knows everything about his tools. Think about a renowned chef. She has an intimate relationship with her knives. What about an artist? He knows every bristle on his brush.

When it comes to golf, do you have the same relationship with your clubs? Do you know them inside and out, from the club head to the grips? Most golfers would probably say no. They may know whether it’s steel or flex or the type of grip, but probably don’t know how the entire club comes together. At Golf Academy of America, we want our students to have a deep knowledge of their clubs, which is why we offer Club Assembly and Repair as a part of the curriculum’s golf skill and teaching courses.

So, what skills do our students learn?

Club Assembly

A golf club may seem like a relatively simple tool, but students at Golf Academy of America quickly learn that there are lots of moving parts. They learn:

  • How to use actual assembly equipment.
  • How to achieve proper swing weights, which is instrumental in creating a club.
  • How to properly install a golf grip, something that benefits all golfers.
  • How to measure golf club specifications. Properly sized clubs make a huge difference when it comes to perfecting swing.
  • About the hosel, the shaft, appropriate flexes, standard weights and lengths.

Club Repair

There is a huge aftermarket for refinished golf clubs, especially in a world where manufacturers come out with new clubs so often. Golfers undoubtedly want the latest and greatest clubs. But a properly refinished club is like a certified pre-owned car. It still has a lot of mileage left on it. When it comes to club repair, Golf Academy of America students learn:

  • How to refinish irons and re-shaft irons and metal woods.
  • How to remove and install golf grips.
  • How to adjust loft and lie angles.

Having a deep knowledge of the way a club comes together benefits your game and your career. Whether your goal is to be a club pro or to work for your favorite golf brand, you can truly impress your future employer by having a working knowledge of golf club assembly and repair.

In addition, you will know the right questions to ask when purchasing your next golf club, and you’ll know how to make adjustments to your clubs when necessary.

Interested in other ways we teach our students about the tools of the golf trade? Watch this video to learn more about the art of club fitting.