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Best New Clubs for 2015

Mar 9, 2015

iamge of golf clubs

Every golf brand in the world makes something shiny and new for 2015. We all have our preferences for our favorite clubs, but let’s imagine that price doesn’t matter, all brands are equal, and we’re not choosing Nike clubs because Rory is our favorite player. What are the best clubs this season for a golf enthusiast with a very low handicap? Let’s find out.

Tee box

You typically start your day at the course with a driver, so that seems like a logical place to begin. New drivers are going to cost you a cool $500 or close to it, but in our dream scenario, price doesn’t matter. The club that has us most excited about golf season is the R15 from TaylorMade – both the driver and the fairway woods. One of the more popular drivers in recent memory was the Sldr. Well, the R15 is an amped up Sldr. It is longer and more forgiving by most accounts. The R15 has new split weights, which allow you to make adjustments for slight corrections at impact. You can slide them to center for max distance, heel for max draw, toe for max fade or split them for max stability. For consistent performance, distance and forgiveness, we’re definitely including the R15 as the first club in our bag.

From the rough

So you landed in the rough off the tee. You need to make something happen with a hybrid. Our favorite hybrids for 2015 have to be the G30s from Ping. One of the best things about these new Ping hybrids is they allow you to get the ball higher, so you can save a few strokes by holding greens from the rough or the fairway. Available in five lofts – 17, 19, 22, 26 and 30 – the club can replace irons all the way up to your 6 iron.

From just about anywhere

We have to go with blades for our iron set. In our ideal golf bag for 2015, we’re selecting Titleist MB Forged irons. You cannot deny the classic look of these irons. You’re likely to intimidate your opponent just when he sees these beauties shining in your golf bag. The muscle back weighting feels exactly the way an iron should feel. The club gives you the right feel through the turf every time you swing. The club face is compact, allowing you to exude confidence in every backswing.

From 120 yards and in

Cleveland Golf talked to some of the top golfers in the world and found that one theme prevailed: versatility. Their 588 RTX 2.0 is the embodiment of versatility, allowing golfers to choose their level of desired bounce with one to three dots. Cleveland wedges are always consistent, and these are no different. If you’re aggressive like us, get the one dot and make it rain from around the green. It’s time to go pin hunting when you have this weapon in your hands.

From the green

It’s time to make it count when you get to the green. There’s no room for inconsistencies, which is why we’re picking the Odyssey Metal-X Blade. You’re going to get a make a sweet putt practically every time with this thing. You will be able to control the distance with pure results. Sink more birdies because you will feel confident with this putter in your hands.

The summary of best new golf clubs for 2015:

  • TaylorMade R15 Driver and 3 Metal
  • Ping G30 Hybrids
  • Titleist MB Forged irons
  • Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 wedges
  • Odyssey Metal-X putter


Sounds like a really solid golf bag for your rounds in 2015. Could you go low on the scorecard with these new clubs? Tell us your picks on Facebook or Twitter!