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Careers in Golf: Club Fitting

Sep 22, 2014

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So the golf industry is pretty narrow, right? You’re either one of the select few people in the world who can hit a golf ball 330 yards in the right direction or you work at a golf course. Wrong! Actually there are a wide variety of golf careers that are behind the scenes. One job in particular is essential to helping those pros hit the ball so well. Without professional club fitters, pros could not finely tune their games to the level they expect.

If you love golf and want to be a part of the golf industry, club fitting could be the perfect fit for you. Golf Academy of America is the perfect place to learn the tricks of the trade. Check out all the benefits of a club-fitting career that starts at Golf Academy:

  • Club fitters learn the key elements to the swing, in order to pair a golfer with a club that fits his or her style of play.
  • As a professional club fitter, you are in the unique position to truly improve the game of your customers. Whether you’re working with a high handicapper or a scratch golfer, putting a correctly fitted set of clubs in the bag can make a big difference in someone’s game.
  • Get access to new clubs and products before anyone else. As a leading club fitter, you will typically receive demo products and prototypes first. It’s quite possible you may specialize in one brand or type of club, but you can be fairly sure you’ll receive shiny new clubs from them each golf season.
  • Improve your own game while learning how to fit clubs. One of the selfish benefits of club fitting is learning how to size clubs for you. Not only will you have a nice set of custom clubs for yourself, but Golf Academy pros will help you hone your swing into form while you attend.
  • Travel to top courses and events around the country. Top club fitters often travel to tournaments and popular courses to impart their knowledge and skills to golf fans around the country.
  • Once you complete the 16-month degree program at GAA, the college helps students with job placement to get your newfound career on track. In fact, throughout your time at Golf Academy, you will make connections with leaders and companies throughout the industry. Golf is definitely a networking opportunity when you attend GAA.

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