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Employed Before You Graduate. (And you thought only lawyers and accountants could pull that off.)

Oct 10, 2013

Even before graduation, 60 percent of the August class at Golf Academy of America in San Diego campus had already found jobs in the golfing industry. "I have grads we placed in previous years now calling me to find out about placing more grads where they're working," says Buzz Gill, director of career services on the San Diego campus.

Gill says the golf industry offers 104 different types of positions. "Some graduates go into merchandising sales, some want to do research and development for a club manufacturer, some want to run organizations like the Southern California Golf Association," he says. "We tell them whatever rings their bell, that's the type of job they should be going after."

The highest percent of graduates, he says, want to be a club pro or teach the game. That opens up two paths--green grass or non-green grass instructing, both of which are taught at Golf Academy of America. "Instructing at a club is green grass, where you work at a typical golf course," explains Gill. "Non-green grass is what I'd call your box stores where they give lessons indoors, and the person hits into a net with launch monitors that show them the height, spin, and curve of how they hit."

To jump-start the careers of their grads this year, Golf Academy of America in San Diego brought 16 employers onto campus. They met students throughout the month before graduation. "It's a real interview. A coat-and-tie deal. And both sides love it," Gill says. "Employers love to be here and see our staff and our tech. They're blown away when they see it."

Not one employer left the campus without hiring at least one upcoming graduate. The employers ranged from national companies, like Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade, to famous local clubs in San Diego, such as Del Mar Country Club, La Costa and The Grand. "I always tell employers that our students are educated and motivated. They came here for a reason — to get into the golf industry," says Gill.

To learn more about the curriculum and PGA staff at Golf Academy of America in San Diego, visit our website here.