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Featured Class: Club Fitting at Golf Academy of America

Aug 24, 2015

Did you know that the majority of golfers are playing with clubs that don't match their swing? Most off-the-rack golf clubs are not fitted specifically for the individual. But if you have a consistent grip for each club in your bag, you will hit more consistently—it's that simple.

In the club fitting class at Golf Academy of America, we approach club fitting from a variety of angles, from dynamics and mechanics to its place in the golf industry.

What you will learn in club fitting class

Instructors will explain basic club fitting concepts, such as the weight of the club and certain club variables that can affect ball flight. Students will learn to address the following variables:

  • Length
  • Shaft Flex
  • Lie Angle
  • Loft
  • Grip Size

The club fitting course at Golf Academy of America will also dive into what it's like to be in the career of club fitting and the different questions club fitters can expect to hear from players. Two of those questions are: "I am working on my golf swing. Shouldn't I wait until I change my swing to get fitted?" and "My swing is not consistent, how can clubs that are fitted help me?"

The answer? If a player's equipment doesn't fit, he cannot make an efficient golf swing. A player will compensate in the golf swing to try to correct poor ball flight caused by a golf club that doesn't fit. With correct equipment, a player has the greatest opportunity to make an optimal golf swing.

It's important to remember each person has a unique golf swing, that's why club fitting is vital for each and every player. And why club fitting is one of the most important among the 100 distinct career paths offering an estimated 2 million jobs in the golf industry.

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