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Featured Class: Tournament Play at Golf Academy of America

Sep 2, 2015

Featured Class: Tournament Play at Golf Academy of America

What if you could get college credit by playing golf and competing against your friends and classmates every week?

At Golf Academy of America, not only is it possible, it's required.

That's right; tournament golf is an official part of the Golf Academy of America curriculum – PE145, if we're being technical about it.

Each semester comprises 12 total tournament days, including three two-day events. Faculty in charge of the tournament program maintain an "Order of Merit" that runs all semester long. Similar to the end of the PGA Tour season, the top 32 players advance to a "Golf Academy of America Tour Championship" of sorts for ultimate bragging rights and immortality in the form of a plaque placed on campus for all to see.

A match play event is also mixed into the tournament action during a semester, giving those who play well the chance for five extra competitive rounds.

If you've entered Golf Academy of America with a higher handicap, don't worry about getting humiliated by comparison to your scratch or better peers. Tournaments are flighted by handicap — there are usually at least six different flights, and sometimes as many as eight, depending on the number of students on campus during a given semester.

If you're one of the strongest players on campus and you make good grades and earn the respect of your fellow students and faculty, you can be selected to represent your home campus alongside four other students and compete in National Collegiate Club Golf Association tournaments across the region and across the country. Golf Academy of America team participants have the chance to compete against students from more than 300 other colleges and universities. The team from the Golf Academy of America's Dallas campus rose to 14th in the country in 2014, and looks to improve upon their season this year. Hailing from the Myrtle Beach campus, Parker Dudley shot a two-day score of one-over par 145 to finish tied for fourth out of a field of nearly 300 players.

Golf Academy of America doesn't place limits on the competitive aspirations of its students. In addition to regular tournaments, a number of students compete in local and regional amateur and mini-tour events as well.

Tournament golf is just one of the many educational and fun elements of Golf Academy of America. What better way to improve your game than to become part of the real action? A little friendly competition is a great way to learn and ultimate bragging rights are an added bonus! So if you're looking for a school with hands-on experience and tests that take place on the golf course, enroll at Golf Academy of America.

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