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From Intern to Golf Instructor: The Journey of Kiel Alderink

Dec 23, 2014

Headshot of Kiel Alderink.

Golf is all about taking full advantage of opportunities. If you’re in a golf match and your opponent hits his ball into the water, you have to hit a good shot and win the hole. It sounds simple, but you never know when you’ll get another opportunity for the win.

In life, we get similar opportunities, just on a much bigger scale. College, career opportunities, meetings with mentors or influential people. These situations only happen so many times in our lives. Kiel Alderink made the decision to attend Golf Academy of America, because he wanted to become a high level golf teacher and coach. Once he stepped foot on campus, he took advantage of every opportunity that came his way.

Kiel’s Duties as Senior Golf Instructors

As the Senior Instructor at Todd Sones Impact Golf – the top-ranked golf school in Illinois, Kiel is doing what he loves on a daily basis. He’s not only teaching people the game he loves, but he’s also coaching players to be successful. Kiel is coaching them and providing them with the skills they need while playing golf and instilling good life lessons as well. “Working with a player and watching them excel is an amazing feeling. Every student or player I coach is a puzzle. Solving that puzzle in as few steps so they can play their best golf is so much fun and challenging at the same time,” stated Kiel.

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Looking back at his time at Golf Academy of America, there were so many opportunities Kiel gladly took advantage of that led him to this point in his career:

  • Lifelong friends – developing relationships was so important. Kiel made lifelong friends and contacts all over the country, starting when he stepped on campus.
  • Networking – Kiel made the point to meet and befriend as many people as possible in the golf industry and in life. The key is being yourself and making a good impression upon everyone you meet. One of the biggest connections Kiel made at Golf Academy of America was with Todd Sones. That relationship evolved into a career and relationships with half of the Top 100 teachers and many other great golf minds.
  • Education – always be learning. You can never have enough knowledge, especially when it comes to golf.
  • Instructors – working with the staff in the smaller classes on a personal level is a huge benefit at Golf Academy of America. Kiel was able to ask questions and “truly learn the skills I needed to become great and a leader in the industry. GAA set me up for that.”

The Benefits of Hard Work and Education

While all of these opportunities were presented to Kiel at Golf Academy of America, he wouldn’t be where he is today without hard work. Attending golf college was a strong educational tool and resource to get into the business, but he credits his hard work and the help of the staff at the school for enabling him to get an amazing job in the golf industry.

Kiel definitely recommends Golf Academy of America to others considering a career in golf. “The resources for the student continue to get better. The new facilities and the technology used now compared to when I was there are phenomenal. It is absolutely top of the line,” Kiel said.

Now that sounds like an opportunity that all golfers would enjoy.

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