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Golf Academy of America Myrtle Beach student Chris Pierce talks about hitting his first hole-in-one

Jul 20, 2015

Chris Pierce is a Golf Academy of America student from Waterboro, Maine. He grew up playing every sport he could get his hands on: hockey, golf, soccer, football and lacrosse. But golf piqued his interest the most. He is in his third semester at Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach and is expected to graduate in December.

Pierce recently made a hole-in-one during a tournament for Golf Academy at Arrowhead Country Club. It was on the 5th hole, a 120-yard par 3. Ironically, he says he wasn't having a very good day so he picked up a golf ball he found in the woods.

"It ended up working out pretty well," he says.

Chris began playing golf in sixth grade, when his grandfather would pick him up from school and take him to the golf course with him. One day his grandfather asked if golf was something Chris wanted to try, and they began playing every Saturday. He spent his summers playing with his uncle and took advantage of every opportunity he got to play. It continued all the way through high school and for two years at community college before he came down to South Carolina to attend Golf Academy.

Chris says he found out about Golf Academy of America while browsing the Internet for golf scholarships. He submitted his information, visited the campus and decided he really liked it.

"After I went to community college for a couple years, I knew this was what I wanted to do," he says.

His favorite golfer at the moment is Jordan Spieth because he's only a month older than Chris but has reached ultimate success by winning the 2015 Masters Tournament.

"It's just cool to watch knowing that he's only a month older than me, but he's still out shooting 65," says Chris.

After attending the Golf Academy for three semesters, Chris says it has improved his golf game with the knowledge that his instructors pass down, including the mechanics of the golf swing itself and the mental aspects that you can't learn without ample experience.

"There are just some things that you have to work your way through because you can't read about them in a book," he says. This is what has helped him the most.

His favorite thing about Golf Academy of America is having instructors, training and software available to them all under one roof. The accessibility of all the resources on campus is the best thing about attending the Golf Academy.

Chris says his favorite course to play in Myrtle Beach is Prestwick Country Club.

"They keep it in really good condition," he says. "And there are tough and easy holes. It's just overall a really good course."

As for courses outside of Myrtle Beach, his favorite is Sable Oaks Country Club in Maine. Chris worked there for five years and says, "if you can play well there, you can be a pretty good golfer on any other course."

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