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Golf Academy of America student Jeff Beaver describes transition from military life to golf college

Sep 9, 2015

Jeff Beaver

Golf is popularly regarded as perhaps the hardest sport in the world to play. But for Golf Academy of America student Jeff Beaver, it's all relative. Compared to his prior career, golf is a piece of cake.

Beaver is something of a world traveler, courtesy of the United States Air Force. While serving, he was deployed six times to Iraq, Qatar, Cuba and Kuwait. He served four overseas tours in Korea, Italy and Germany. With extensive training, expertise in logistics management and distribution, he knows how to get things from Point A to Point B.

"I started playing golf at age 20 around my second year in the Air Force," Beaver says. "All the guys in my office played so they made sure I would learn. I got hooked and after two years, I could beat them all."

It's no wonder golf and military life have a long and intertwining relationship, and it's no wonder. In an environment where the stakes can be so high, the notion of fretting over a five-foot putt gets put into clear context. Beaver enjoyed playing, but wasn't sure he wanted a golf career after military life, until a friend told him about Golf Academy of America in Orlando.

"I had a friend in Germany that was getting out of the Army due to being in a helicopter crash," he says. "He wasn't injured to the point that he couldn't play golf, but he had limited mobility. He told me he was attending the Golf Academy of America and told me about the business side and shared the information. I called the school and spoke with the recruitment team and loved what they offered. The school benefits for service members are undeniably outstanding and the fact that the school administration will always be there to assist in your career after graduation sold it for me."

As a student, Beaver's military background serves him well.

"Normally I get to school earlier than most so I can putt around in the practice area or jump on the Trackman before it gets too crowded," he says. "Some days I get there early to print out my homework assignments and do a quick study recap for my upcoming classes. My favorite classes are any that involve teaching and learning about the game. The golf instructors have a passion that is easily visible and they make it fun."

Overall, Beaver finds himself lucky to be able to turn to golf as a second career, all with the help of Golf Academy of America's dedicated faculty and alumni network.

"The Golf Academy of America program is head and shoulders above its competitors," says Beaver. "It's got a sense of brotherhood in the market once you graduate, too, kind of like a fraternity."

Beaver's networking and passion continue to serve him well, as does his desire to pass onto others his love of golf and eagerness to uncover its many secrets. That includes new and prospective Golf Academy of America students, to whom he would say, "Take every volunteer opportunity that comes up in front you. That little bit extra you do while in school looks great on a resume and puts you ahead of those that do the minimum. You don't have to be a great player to love this game. You just have to have desire."

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