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Golf Academy of America Alumni Profile: Pat Steusloff, Founder of Kinetek Sports

Aug 3, 2015

Golf Academy of America Alumni Profile: Pat Steusloff, Founder of Kinetek Sports

It looks like the game of golf is about to get a little more technologically advanced—all because Pat Steusloff took a flier in 2006.

Originally from Jackson, Michigan, Steusloff enjoyed golf primarily as a hobby throughout the majority of his life and lengthy career in healthcare. An alumnus of the University of Michigan with degrees in both medical technology and bioengineering, he went on to help find multiple healthcare companies, including one that assists nurses in the administration of medication to patients in hospitals across the country.

But in 2006, Steusloff found himself at a crossroads. While browsing the Internet one evening, he happened upon the website for Golf Academy of America, then known as San Diego Golf Academy.

"I knew I would be different than all the other students due to my age and place in life," says Steusloff. "So I met with the San Diego campus director Rich Iorio, talked through the issue and decided to give it a try."

"Try" turned out to be an understatement. Steusloff thrived at the San Diego campus, graduating in 2008.

"I enjoyed learning the keys to making a good golf swing from the expert teachers at Golf Academy of America," he says. "Understanding the significance of timing, connection, balance, and path in making a golf swing led me to the concepts for my current company."

That's right—the year after graduating, he was back to his old tricks, but with a twist.

The company he founded is Kinetek Sports—a portmanteau of the terms "kinesthetic" and "technology"—and Steusloff and his team are developing a product geared toward delivering similar benefits to those Steusloff himself reaped at Golf Academy of America: a more well-rounded golf game.

Kinetek's product, which will launch through a Kickstarter campaign, is called ClubHub. Steusloff describes it as, "a TrackMan in your pocket."

ClubHub is a system composed of 14 sensors (one for each club in your bag), a phone app, and a web portal. Because of its unique design, unlike other swing analyzers, it can be used on the course as well as on the practice range. Each shot taken is automatically analyzed, recorded and can be reviewed on the phone. All swing data is also pushed to the cloud and can be reviewed by the player and shared with their instructor. The player can see trends in their swing and compare results since all data is permanently saved.

ClubHub will compete with entrenched systems like GAME Golf and Arccos Golf, but Steusloff stands by his product, which is currently in beta-testing.

"ClubHub is superior to other shot tracking systems due to its ability to automatically discriminate a golf swing from other non-swing movements and impacts with a club," Steusloff says.

Stiff competition makes any product category stronger, and thanks to a whim and the desire to turn a passion into a second career, golfers who embrace technology as a way to improve will soon have Pat Steusloff and his Golf Academy of America education to thank.

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