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Patriots Under Par Celebrates Golf Academy of America’s Military Ties

Nov 14, 2013

Each year on Veterans Day, Golf Academy of America honors the men and women who have served our country by conducting a fundraiser called Patriots Under Par. Veteran students and faculty from all five campuses play 11 hours of golf in their respective cities to raise funds for organizations that serve our military veterans.

This year, 29 Golf Academy of America representatives participated. In Dallas, veteran student Michael McVeigh took on the challenge of playing 11 rounds of golf in 11 hours, and actually beat the clock, finishing in eight hours and 10 minutes. See video

Their play benefited Salute Military Golf Association, a nonprofit organization that helps rehabilitate wounded U.S. veterans through golf experiences.

"We’re playing for any veteran who has served or is serving now," said Greg Gossett, Campus Director at Golf Academy of America in Dallas. "Our institution has a high population of veterans and they’re part of our family. We’re out here playing with them and for them."

More than a quarter of students at Golf Academy of America have a military background. Many can employ military education benefits to attend golf college and further their education, and they use this opportunity to transition into a career they are passionate about.

Fred Barr, Director of Career Services at Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, says that pursuing a career in golf after the military makes perfect sense. "Because of their previous experience, military personnel are task-oriented and organized," he said. "They are loyal and show up on time. If the facilities where they are employed have checklists or an order of operations, military professionals excel at this familiar system."

These aren’t the only skills transferable from military to golf.  "Not only does the employer get someone who has the golf piece, but someone who is used to making decisions and prioritizing," Barr said. "Many have taken additional courses online and they have a better all-around perspective."

Time after time, Golf Academy has seen former military students turn into great success stories in the field of golf. Barr conducts exit interviews with each Golf Academy student just before graduation. He often hears that they found golf to be a good outlet and an ideal alternative career. Many tell him that if it weren’t for golf, they couldn’t imagine where they would be today. In Barr’s words, "Veterans are looking for a career that will consume them, and golf is just that."

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