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Technology and the Changing Face of Golf - The third in a 4-part series

Aug 22, 2013

Tim Eberlein, a PGA Master Professional and Campus Director of the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, has an interesting perspective on technology, thanks to his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. "I studied efficiencies, so I always look for the most efficient way to swing the golf club," he said.

TrackMan Pro, a 3d swing and ball flight analysis tool used at Golf Academy of America, is a natural favorite for Eberlein. "The numbers and data TrackMan provides us the information to analyze the swing, maximizing distance with less effort."

This radar device was developed in Denmark about seven years ago to measure the exact angle of a golfer's swing, then provide the full trajectory and landing position of any golf shot. Accuracy is less than 1 foot at 100 yards.

TrackMan is a small, portable orange-faced box with full wireless control. Data produced with each swing can be synced to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Video and data are merged, with a live graphics overlay. Ball flight, trajectory and spin are all analyzed.

The program was created as a way to pair players with the proper golf ball and club, but many players and high-profile coaches saw the potential to use the rich data mined as a tool for swing analysis. The measurements produced give players and coaches a more scientific means for adjustment, when compared to traditional video instruction techniques. The results are unquestionable.

"We've found that TrackMan maximizes a student's natural athletic ability with properly fitted equipment, increasing accuracy and distance," said Eberlein. The program is used frequently by teaching professionals and Golf Academy of America students. More than 30 PGA Tour players currently own their own TrackMan.

Eberlein, who first introduced video technology to Golf Academy of America in 1994, lists one final benefit. "It can be used indoors or out," he said. "In Phoenix, our hot weather makes the indoor capability advantageous."

TrackMan technology is available at all Golf Academy of America campuses.

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