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The Women in Golf Series: Katie Morrison

Apr 16, 2014

For Katie Morrison, golf at her local country club was a “boy sport.” She putted around with her family, and even joined the junior golf program, but the ratio of fellow students definitely skewed male.

“I will be honest,” Morrison said. “I always looked forward to hanging out with my friends at the pool following the golf lesson because I was one of the only girls.” She drifted away for a while. It was in middle school that she found the passion again, taking the game more seriously. “I no longer cared if I always had to play with guys--it motivated me--and I always strived to beat them.”

When it came time for college, Morrison set aside thoughts of a golf scholarship to attend a school she loved. “After my first year as a Physical Therapy major, I realized I couldn’t sit in an office all day,” she said. “I began to think about what I would enjoy doing with my life. I wanted a career that would never feel like work, and I found that in golf.”

Morrison took time away from four-year college and headed to Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach. “The program was what I was looking for,” she said. “It was 18 months and gave me a chance to explore my options in the golf world.” She went on to complete her studies at GAA, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Waynesburg.

Five years after her GAA graduation, Morrison is living outside of Pittsburg, working with ClubCorp as the Golf Shop Manager/Buyer at Treesdale Golf and Country Club. “I love my job,” Morrison said. “I get to combine my business skills with my golf skills. I am around golf all day and get to interact with the members, but my job also challenges me. It is a perfect mix between golf and business.” She won ClubCorp’s Rising Star Award in 2012.

In Morrison’s view, having more women around clubs seems to be promoting growth of the game. “I can’t tell you how much women at the clubs where I have worked respect me being there,” Morrison said. “They are more comfortable asking questions about their swing, their attire and the game. Sadly, I do not think there are as many women in golf as needed. I encourage young girls who are interested in the game to consider it as a career.”