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What Happens After You’re Accepted to Golf Academy of America

May 1, 2015

What happens after you’re accepted to Golf Academy of America

You’ve just been accepted to Golf Academy of America! Congrats! What happens next?

Is it time to pack your golf bag and head to class? Not quite yet. There are a few additional steps to get ready for your golf education, but you definitely will need your golf bag. Here are the next steps to help you start you your journey to a golf degree and a golf career.

Rely on your enrollment specialist
Throughout the process of application and enrollment at Golf Academy of America, you’re never alone. Your enrollment specialist is there to help with any questions you have about the process. Whether it’s paying for college, registering for classes or relocating, don’t hesitate to contact your enrollment specialist.

Research your financial options
Upon acceptance is a great time to apply for financial aid. We offer helpful resources and tips on our website, plus we’re always here to answer questions and provide assistance over the phone at 800-342-7342. In order to be eligible to apply for federal financial aid, a student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, not be in default on a previous student loan, and if required, be registered with the Selective Service. Start the financial aid process by completing a free application for Federal Student Aid online. If you’re active duty or a military veteran, you have special options when it comes to financial aid.

Find a place to live near campus
While Golf Academy of America doesn’t offer on-campus or off-campus housing, we can help each student find affordable and convenient housing options. The geographic locations of our five campuses enable students to find a variety of apartments nearby to suit their needs. Whether you want to live as close to campus as possible or near as many golf courses as possible, just reach out to your enrollment specialist for help.

Register for classes
Golf Academy of America does makes registering for classes easy. During your orientation day, you will be able to meet with Golf Academy of America staff and use their expertise to help you select classes for your first semester. You’re starting the journey to your golf career, so this is a perfect time to consider whether you want to specialize in any specific area of the golf industry. Even if you’re not sure where you want to specialize, our staff can help guide you toward the right classes for you.

Get your swing ready
Don’t forget that you’re going to be playing a lot of golf while you’re earning your degree. Your tuition includes green fees, range fees, tournament fees and private lessons. Golf Academy of America provides you with an outstanding opportunity to improve your game while you’re preparing for a golf career. What makes our golf college unique and exciting is the amount of golf you get to play as you earn your degree. So prepare your mind and body for a lot of golf.

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