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What Makes Golf Academy of America Different?

May 6, 2015

p align="center">What makes Golf Academy of America different?


There are certain advantages of attending a golf college that come standard: lots of golf, golf instruction and golf classes. They are the floor mats, radio and rearview mirror that come standard when you’re buying a car. You get these features no matter what golf school you attend.

So, what makes Golf Academy of America stand out?

Championship locations
When you’re spending most of your time studying golf, it’s important to be in a location that has amazing golf courses and awesome weather. With Golf Academy of America, you’re getting your choice of five locations that have both. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a well-known golfer’s paradise with about 100 championship courses. Dallas, Texas is one of the biggest cities in the country with endless outdoor activities and a variety of incredible golf courses. Phoenix, Arizona provides students with desert golf and beautiful, dry weather. San Diego, California is famous for perfect weather throughout the year with timeless coastal, desert and mountain golf. Orlando, Florida is home to many pro golfers so you know the courses are world-class, plus they have quite a few entertainment options when you’re not golfing.

Top-notch professionals
Some people are really good at golf and others are really good at teaching others how to golf. It’s a rare breed that can do both. At Golf Academy of America, the golf professionals and staff combine for hundreds of years of golf expertise. These wizards of the game have been dedicated to golf for most of their lives. They’ve seen practically every swing and have hit practically every shot. Not to mention, many Golf Academy of America instructors have endless knowledge of the business side of golf. These pros are here to help you find your professional career path in golf.

Networking community
Golf Academy of America prepares its students for success. Being surrounded by people who are just as passionate as you are about golf creates a perfect environment for making connections that last a lifetime. Our graduates often talk about the connections and lifelong friendships that were forged during their time on campus. Not only do students make personal connections, but GAA has so many golf industry partners that provide prime networking opportunities for students. Bridgestone Golf, GolfTEC, the National Golf Course Owners Association and PGA Tour Superstore are all strategic partners of Golf Academy of America.

Golf technology
At Golf Academy of America, you have the opportunity to maximize your golf abilities using the latest golf technology. From the K-VEST and Golf Simulators to TrackmanPro and Dynamic Balance System, the PGA pros are teaching you and helping you learn how to teach others on the latest golf equipment. You’ll learn how to practice better and translate those skills to the golf course – and to your new career in the golf industry.

Playing time
Speaking of the golf course, the amount of golf you get to play at Golf Academy of America is pretty awesome, too. Students play in weekly tournaments, weekly open play, take part in individual lessons and have unlimited access to the practice range.

For even more information about our golf college experience, check out this infographic with details on everything you get during your 16 months at Golf Academy of America.

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