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What to Expect Your First 6 Months at Golf Academy of America

Mar 13, 2015

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Golf, golf and more golf, of course.

You can expect to play golf at least twice a week during your time at Golf Academy of America. This includes weekly tournament play and open play. In addition, you can get one-on-one instruction from certified golf instructors. Golf Academy of America has also aligned itself with fantastic courses near our golf college campuses in Myrtle Beach, Dallas, Orlando, San Diego and Phoenix. So when you’re not golfing with fellow students or studying, you’re free to play even more golf at one of the partner courses.

Most students are not surprised by the amount of golf played while in school, but some are surprised by how serious the classes are. In your first six months at Golf Academy of America, you will definitely realize that you’re not just playing golf, you’re earning a real associate’s degree and preparing for a career in the golf industry.

For some, that golf career will be becoming a golf instructor. The complexities of the game mean that there is always a need for great golf teachers. Here are some of the golf skill and teaching courses you might want to take while attending:

  • Golf club assembly and repair
  • Rules of golf/advanced rules of golf
  • Understanding golf operations
  • History of golf
  • Golf fundamentals
  • Mechanics of the short game/advanced mechanics
  • Tournament golf
  • Advanced methods of teaching
  • Golf club fitting
  • Planning and organizing tournament golf
  • Lessons/practice
  • Golf professional
  • Principles of golf course maintenance
  • Capstone management study of golf operations
  • Tournament administration
  • Golf course design
  • Golf performance enhancement


Beyond skills needed to teach the game, Golf Academy of America provides you with skills needed on the business side of the golf industry. You will learn marketing, financing and general business skills. While you likely won’t complete these classes in your first six months, you will want to start thinking about the business classes you can take:

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Fundamentals of business management
  • Business writing
  • Attitude and motivation assessment
  • Microcomputer applications
  • Marketing, advertising, promotion and sales
  • Elementary accounting
  • Essentials of foodservice management
  • Anatomy, exercise and bio-mechanics
  • General management
  • General business law
  • Financial management
  • Workplace ethics
  • Sport psychology
  • Managing outside operations of a golf facility


During your first six months at Golf Academy of America, you should get a good idea of what area of the golf industry you’d like to go into. There are many golf industry careers out there beyond a playing career. Here are some that our students lean toward:

  • Golf course management
  • Food and beverage
  • Retail
  • Club management
  • Golf manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Golf instruction
  • Repair
  • Tournament administration


In addition to finding a career path for yourself in the golf industry, Golf Academy of America takes pride in preparing you to impress potential employers. From the moment you step on campus, you will learn how to act as a professional. From keeping a neat, clean appearance to dressing professionally with appropriate golf slacks, students will quickly learn and appreciate how important professionalism is.

The last thing you can expect in your first six months at golf college is to make truly great friends. Many former students talk about how they’ve made connections for life at GAA. A passion for golf is something that truly brings everyone together.

Does GAA sound like the place for you? Learn more about the day in the life of a student at Golf Academy of America.