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Your Golf Degree Specialization

Golf Academy of America Information Kit

Building Your Golf Degree

The learning environment created at Golf Academy of America is like no other golf college in the world. It is based on a unique concept that focuses on rigorous academic standards and enhancement of golf proficiency.

Each day at the Golf Academy of America you will be challenged to develop your playing ability skills to the fullest. You will also have the opportunity to improve and increase your knowledge of the golf business. The diverse and well-rounded curriculum for this education provides a basis for careers in teaching golf and managing (or assisting in the management of) golf complex operations and related businesses.

Create Your Own Golf Career Path

Some students, however, want to gain more exposure to one or more area of golf, leading them toward specialization and increasing their marketability as professionals in the golf industry. We give them this opportunity in several ways:

  • Elective Classes: These include courses in Food Service Management, Advanced Golf Club Fitting, Golf Course Design, Advanced Teaching, Advanced Tournament Golf and Golf Performance Enhancement.

  • Achievement Certificates: These include Teaching Certificate, Club Repair and Fitting Certificates, General Manager Certificate and Tournament Operations Certificate.

  • Awards and Honors: Golf Academy of America rewards students who combine outstanding academic achievement and playing proficiency with various honors and awards: Player's Credential Ribbon, Graduation with Honors and President's Award.

Achievement Certificates

Graduating from Golf Academy of America with an associate's degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management (GCOM) is a noteworthy achievement in itself. Adding one of the following certificates to your college experience can increase your marketability in your chosen field in the golf industry. Here are the certificates and their respective qualifications:

Teaching Certificate

  • Have a cumulative grade of 3.33 GPA or better in the following classes: Golf Fundamentals, Mechanics of the Short Game, Advanced Elements of the Short Game, Golf Club Fitting, Methods of Teaching and Advanced Teaching
  • Have the following handicap index by graduation: Men = USGA index of 8.0 or below; Women = USGA index of 15.0 or below

Club Repair and Fitting Certificate

  • Achieve a grade of 3.0 GPA or better in the following classes: Golf Club Assembly and Repair and Golf Club Fitting
  • Complete Club Repair Project
  • Score 85% or better on Golf Academy of America Comprehensive Club Repair and Fitting Exam

General Management Certificate

  • Have a cumulative grade of 3.33 GPA or better in the following classes: Rules of Golf I, Rules of Golf II, Planning and Organization of Tournament Golf, Tournament Administration and Advanced Rules

Tournament Operations Certificate

  • Have a cumulative grade of 3.33 GPA or better in the following classes: Understanding Golf Operations, Managing Golf Facility Operations, Capstone, Financial Management, Essentials of Food Service Management

Golf Academy of America's associate's degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management focuses on skills for a successful career in more than 100 industry positions than range from golf professional and general golf management to golf instructor/coach and tournament coordinator. This golf education is geared toward a lifelong career in the business of golf—a $76 billion industry providing more than 2 million golf jobs.