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It is our mission at Golf Academy of America to grow students, professionally and personally, so that they are equipped for future success as leaders of the golf industry. Our rigorous academic standards and innovative curriculum challenge students daily so they are poised for success in their new careers.

  • Elective Classes: Expanding on the required business and golf management courses, elective classes such as Food Service Management, Advanced Golf Club Fitting, Golf Course Design, Advanced Teaching, Advanced Tournament Golf, and Golf Performance Enhancement add extra training to excel in specific areas of the golf industry.

  • Achievement Certificates: Continued focus in a specific area through a series of similar courses leads students to achieving certifications in Teaching, Club Repair and Fitting, General Management, and Tournament Operations. Read more about the specifics of our Achievement Certificates below.

  • Student Awards and Honors: Our students take on the challenge of the rigorous degree program and the highest performers are recognized each year at graduation for combined outstanding academic achievement and playing proficiency with various honors such as the Player’s Credential Ribbon, Graduation with Honors, and the President’s Award.


Certificates/ribbons will be awarded to students who meet all requirements in their first attempt. Please refer to the requirements specified for each of the following:

Teaching Certificate

To qualify for a Teaching Certificate, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or better in all of the classes listed below:
    • PE136 - Golf Fundamentals
    • PE138 - Mechanics of the Short Game
    • PE148 - Advanced Elements of the Short Game
    • MK227 - Golf Club Fitting
    • PE240 - Methods of Teaching
    • PE242 - Advanced Teaching
  • Have the following handicap index by graduation:
    • Men = USGA index of 8.0 or below
    • Women = USGA index of 15.0 or below

Club Repair and Fitting Certificate

To qualify for a Club Repair and Fitting Certificate, a student must:

  • Achieve a grade of 3.00 GPA or better in the classes listed below:
    • GM155 - Golf Club Assembly and Repair
    • MK227 - Golf Club Fitting
  • Complete Club Repair Project
  • Complete assigned Club Repair Term Paper
  • Score 85% or better on Golf Academy of America Comprehensive Club Repair and Fitting Exam

Tournament Operations Certificate

To qualify for a Tournament Operations Certificate, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or better in all of the classes listed below:
    • PE101A - Rules of Golf I
    • PE101B - Rules of Golf II
    • PE238 - Planning and Organization of Tournament Golf
    • PE246 - Tournament Administration
    • PE244 - Advanced Rules

General Management Certificate

To qualify for a General Management Certificate, a student must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or better in all of the classes listed below:
    • GM181 - Understanding Golf Operations
    • GM279 - Managing Golf Facility Operations
    • GM282 - Capstone
    • BM203 - Financial Management
    • FS209 - Essentials of Food Service Management

Player’s Credential Ribbon

To qualify for a Player’s Credential Ribbon, a student must:

  • Pass the PGA, LPGA, or Golf Academy of America Playing Ability Test (PAT). The Golf Academy of America schedules its PAT (36 holes) one time each semester.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or better in all of the classes listed below:
    • PE145A - Tournament Golf
    • PE145B - Tournament Golf
    • PE245A - Tournament Golf
    • PE245B - Tournament Golf
    • PE249 - Golf Performance Enhancement

Students who qualify for a “Player’s Credential” will receive the award upon graduation.  This designation will be a ribbon placed on the degree certificate.  The Player’s Credential will serve to verify that the graduate has achieved a level of playing competency equal to the demands of the PGA Playing Ability Test for Teaching Professionals.

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