A Golf Training Program for Today’s Golf Industry

The golf industry has changed significantly over the years. Professionals in the industry can no longer be well-versed only in the game of golf. Today, more than ever, golf professionals must excel in the nuances of business and be adaptable to the technological advances that shape the game.

Golf Curriculum

Golf Academy of America answers the industry’s demand for qualified professionals prepared for golf’s present and future through an innovative curriculum built on three foundational pillars:

Golf Education

It’s in our name. Our students have a passion for the game of golf and receive an education focused on game. Through the golf-focused portions of our curriculum and developing as a player and instructor through coaching, clinics, open practice and tournaments, students focus their game and develop as stewards of the game.

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Business Education

Golf is a $84 billion business. It has not become a big business by sheer luck. Industry leaders have honed their business acumen and carried the game to these high dollar heights. The business education portion of our curriculum teach students how to succeed as a businessperson, but also how to lead as a business professional in the golf industry.

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Applied Golf Technology

The use of technology has come a long way since the early days of golf. Students learn about how golf technology shapes not only the development of the game as instructors, but also how changes in technology impact the growth and profitability of a golf business.

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