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Alumni Newsletter - August 2014

Aug 25, 2014


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Another Day of Awesome is Better Than Another Day of Average

Another Day of Awesome is Better Than Another Day of Average

As a student or alumnus, do you get asked what it's like to attend Golf Academy? Are people curious about what can be expected?

Whether you're currently a student or used to attend, we are certain you'll agree that attending Golf Academy ensures that each day is another day of awesome.

Let's take a quick look at a day in the life of a Golf Academy student compared with a day in the life of a "normal" college student. For the purposes of this comparison, we'll refer to them as Awesome Student and Normal Student.

Awesome student: Wake up, throw on your golf clothes.
Normal student: Wake up, figure out what you're going to wear.

Awesome student: Carrying your golf bag for 18 holes.
Normal student: Lugging 50 pounds of books two miles across campus.

Awesome student: Head to class, potentially fighting through the bright sunshine.
Normal student: Walk to class, potentially fighting through rain, snow and wind.

Awesome student: Guest speaker in class – the head of Bridgestone Golf sales!
Normal student: Guest speaker in class – the head of the chemistry department. Zzzzz.

Awesome student: Swing over to the golf course for your weekly golf tournament.
Normal student: Afternoon class – hands-on chemistry lab.

Awesome student: Learn the game you love and improve your handicap an average of 30%.
Normal student: Take classes you don't love and struggle to give your 100%.

Awesome student: Location of your campus: Orlando, San Diego, Dallas, Myrtle Beach or Phoenix.
Normal student: Anywhere else

So the next time someone asks what it's like to attend GAA, be sure to tell it like it is—in a word—awesome.


Alumni Given a Chance to Shine

Alumni Given a Chance to Shine

Okay, alumni, we want to hear from you and when we do, you could be a featured alumnus!

Take this great opportunity to build your exposure, increase your online searchability, assist classmates in finding you – and share your unique story for others to enjoy and learn from.

Simply contact Keri Burnett with your email address, answer some simple questions, and your story will be posted online!


A Great New Blog Series

A Great New Blog Series

We are starting a great new blog series called "Careers in Golf."

Whether you want to share insight into your current career or describe your dream position in the golf business, we want to hear from students and alumni alike!

Send your blog entries to Keri Burnett.

In the meantime, check out this "Careers in Golf" post about being an Instructor.

You're a purist, the kind of golfer who wants to be participating in the game you love. The business of a golf course isn't nearly as attractive as time on the greens. If you're a people person who likes hands-on work, perhaps a career as a Golf Instructor is right for you.

While Golf Professionals are qualified to teach the game, they often focus on managing a golf facility. Golf Instructors, on the other hand, devote their time solely to teaching. You'll find Instructors at just about any golf facility, including public and private courses, driving ranges and businesses that specialize in golf lessons. For cost reasons, instructors at municipal courses are often independent contractors, giving them great scheduling flexibility.

According to Matthew McConnin, a PGA Instructor at Golf Academy of America in San Diego, the best instructors have, "Great communication skills, patience, passion for the game, empathy, knowledge of swing/body mechanics and enthusiasm." Many also have PGA certification.

"The title of PGA after one's name is a huge advantage over a non-PGA instructor," said Buzz Gill, Director of Career Services at Golf Academy of America in San Diego. "An Advanced Teaching Certificate from GAA is also an advantage."

Skill is important, but it won't make or break you. However, the Playing Ability Test (PAT) is a prerequisite to register for the PGA certification program, and most Golf Instructors have passed it. In order to be successful, you must achieve a 36-hole score within 15 shots of the course rating at a PGA-approved facility.

At the end of the day, the best Golf Instructors are lifelong learners. "Good instructors can teach any subject matter they become proficient in," said McConnin. Gill added, "Instructors can make the hardest game on earth more fun to play, and we must create an atmosphere of fun in order to compete with other sports, movies, theme parks, and family activities. The main focus of today's golf professional and instructor is to grow the game."