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Cameron Reid - Golf Shop Attendant at Verrado Golf Club, Buckeye, Arizona

Apr 13, 2015

Cameron Reid

Cameron Reid is a 2013 graduate of Golf Academy of America

What do you do as Golf Shop Attendant?
I provide customer service through answering phones, booking tee times, checking people in for tee times and merchandising.

How did Golf Academy of America prepare you for your current position?
Golf Academy of America has helped me in my current position in a couple of different ways. It has equipped me with the tools and knowledge that I need to be successful at my job. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to apply what I learned in both of the Teaching classes to assist in some junior camps and I have also have had the chance to give a couple lessons to a few juniors. Finally, it has given me the network of people not only in my graduating semester, but previous semesters to build a network of people whom I could use to further my career.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?
As a Christian, I feel this is what God had in store for me to do as my career. But there are a couple of things that influenced my career choice of golf. The biggest influence in me choosing to pursue a career in golf would be my parents, especially my mom. For the longest time I wasn't sure what I wanted to do career-wise, but it seemed like my mom did. We would see a commercial on Golf Channel for GAA and she would say, "You should check into going there," but at the time I wasn't sure if that is what I wanted to do. Looking back on it, if my mom didn't keep pushing it upon me, I don't think I would have made the choice to pursue my career in golf. The second major influence on my career choice is my passion for the game of golf.

Tell us about your career accomplishments since graduation.
Since graduation I have been promoted from guest service to the pro shop. After graduation I was working guest service at a semi-private course in Mesa, AZ. The following summer I took a job at a golf course up in Brainerd, Minnesota, working in the pro shop. When I came back down to Arizona for the winter I wanted to continue working in the pro shop and that is when I landed the job working at Verrado Golf Club.

What are your career goals?
I have a couple of career goals. The first career goal I have is to own my own golf course. Another career goal is to become a General Manager of a golf course, whether it's a private course or public course.