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Dana Males, Lead Instructor, Junior Development Program at The Courses at Watters Creek

Sep 23, 2014

Golf Academy of America Alumnus Dana Males was recently in touch with Jay Friedman, a PGA member and instructor at Golf Academy of America in Phoenix. He wanted to share his career path, and the role GAA played in his success. Their exchange is reprinted below, with permission.


How is everything with you these days? I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things are going. But first and foremost, thank you for everything you did for me at Golf Academy of America. I'm still at The Courses at Watters Creek here in Plano, TX.

Our facility has helped so much with my growth as a professional. I am now the lead instructor of our Junior Development Program that we started February 1, 2014. We began with 23 kids and have grown to almost 50 in a few months. I have also been asked to run the North Texas Junior PGA Clinics this summer as a lead instructor.

Our facility is set up to grow the game, so well that the Golf Channel was out last week filming for a special on the topic. I might be on the Golf Channel in the next few weeks or so.

Everything about teaching that you imparted on me has helped out tremendously. My lesson book is almost full. Working 40 hours a week in the golf shop and running the junior program has me extremely busy. Again, I want to thank you for everything you taught me and helped me out with.

Dana Males