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Heath Kyle - Director of Certified Instructors at Tathata Golf

Mar 12, 2014

Heath Kyle - Director of Certified Instructors at Tathata Golf

Golf Academy of America in San Diego opened up a whole new world for Heath Kyle, a 2002 graduate. He describes growing up in a small Northern California town where he "had never really met anyone new." It was at Golf Academy that he mastered the art of interpersonal skills. "I've been playing golf since I was two, but Golf Academy was where I really learned the game--the tradition and the business end. They taught me how to grow relationships, and that carried over into my career."

Kyle claims his education and the school's reputation were a large factor in landing his first job, an assistant professional at the prestigious San Francisco Golf Club. He then moved to Scottsdale to work for Cool Clubs, a fitting company, helping them open ventures in California and in Arizona.

He is now working closely with Bryan Hepler, longtime golf professional and martial artist, to establish a new certification program for golf instructors. Tathata Golf Certified is set to be released this May. The program is patterned after samurai techniques, helping golfers achieve a mind-body connection that allows them to harness their internal poise and strength. "Whether we are walking down the fairway or teeing up, we are always sensing greatness building," said Kyle.

The program centers on golf-oriented martial art movements and routines, utilizing stretching to increase flexibility and support golf swing training. This integrated track focuses on mind, body and swing.

The Tathata program will first focus on certifying golf instructors in their philosophy and practice. These instructors can then pass their training philosophy on to students. "More than anything, we have provided an opportunity for the instructor community to settle on one voice, bringing them all together, helping golfers as a whole become better," Kyle said.

An international circuit of training programs has been scheduled for multiple locations, and promotions will appear on the Golf Channel and across social media platforms. Kyle's goal is to see the public seeking out certified Tathata instructors and trainers to improve their game.

Tathata will release a 60-day training program as part of a certification which will ultimately be available to the public. This in-depth program includes everything from daily golf specific body movement routines, hands/arm and pressure routines, impact, speed, and strength routines, short game and putting, as well as daily discussions and mental exercises, touting measurable results at the end of two months.

"Our goal is to grow the game and enhance the way it's taught," said Kyle. "Rather than traditional golf, where individual lessons rule, Tathata training can occur in a group fitness setting." The program currently has the backing of LPGA and Southwest PGA section. For more information, visit