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Jason Trafford Instructor, Callaway Golf Center

Sep 5, 2013

GAA Alumnus Jason Trafford

Jason Trafford, a graduate of the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, is an instructor at the Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas, Nev. He has recently received the following testimonials, attesting to his skill as an instructor:

"I took up golfing when I was 25. I am now 55. Except for a miraculous 79 one sunny, summer afternoon many years ago, I have never broken 100. This is in spite having the best equipment, lessons with professionals, subscriptions to Golf Digest, and religiously watching the pros. I sprayed those little white balls left; I sprayed them right. The only consistency to my game was how badly I played it.

Enter Jason Trafford. He analyzed my swing and provided me with some simple, practical suggestions. He fixed my "sway" so the ball now travels straighter and farther.

The thing I most like about Jason is that he doesn't speak "golf-ese." I finally know what it means to "hit down on the ball." It was especially helpful to have him play a round or two with me on a golf course. He provided insights into how to actually plan my shots and offered positive, constructive feedback. Jason has made all the difference in my game. The old 100 is in the rear view mirror and 80 is on the horizon." --Gail V.

"This week I finished having three lessons with Jason Trafford. He gave me excellent instruction, making it very easy to understand the principles. He was encouraging about my progress. I know my game will improve because of his lessons." --Bill W.

In Trafford's own words, "It is my desire to share my love and knowledge for the game of golf with everyone who wishes to grow as a golfer, or get started in this challenging and amazing game."