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Jose Alicea, Assistant Golf Professional at Leisure World Golf Clubs

Sep 23, 2014

Golf Academy of America Alumnus Jose Alicea recently emailed Fred Barr, Career Services Director at the Phoenix campus, to share about his career path. Their email exchange is reprinted below, with permission.


Things at Leisure World are going fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better mentor to help me prepare for the success that awaits. Travis Fish, Shane Romesberg and our community manager Mark Wade are always sharing nuggets of information and experience, allowing me to see it all.

Changing careers with a family can be very difficult, but taking the first step and committing to it will have its rewards. After seven months at Leisure World I have received the "Employee of the Quarter" award and have been brought on full time with all the trimmings. I have full teaching privileges, with 100 percent coming back to me. I'm currently working on a junior academy camp for summer. It is available to teens with high GPAs for a very low cost. I have given 94 lessons to date at $30 for a half hour and had a half hour clinics twice a week on putting and chipping for $10 a player. The extra salary helps a lot.

Honestly, there where some words of wisdom that you gave to us with heart and sincerity that might not have clicked 5 or 10 years ago but have stuck with me to this day. That's getting up everyday with the sense of that golf course being my very own, and caring with passion about all the people who help make it all happen.

Jose Alicea
Assistant Golf Professional
Leisure World Golf Clubs