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Kenny Shipp - Assistant Golf Professional at Charles L. Sifford Golf Course, Charlotte, North Carolina

Mar 22, 2015

Kenny Shipp

Kenny Shipp is a 2014 Graduate of Golf Academy of America

What do you do as Assistant Golf Professional?
I am the assistant to the general manager of the facility. I handle all pro shop operations while the GM is absent. I manage all cart staff and player’s assistants. I’m also able to give lessons.

How did Golf Academy of America prepare you for your current position?
Golf Academy of America prepared me for every aspect of the job that I currently have. GAA also gave me the tools I needed to become a candidate for a GM position at my facility within my first year of employment.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?
One of the biggest influences on my career would be the knowledge I gained about the history of golf. Being that I am working at a course that was named after the first African-America to play on the PGA, the knowledge that I had let me have an intimate conversation with the late Charlie Sifford with a better awareness of golf at that period of time. It was a proud moment for me to hear a deep perspective of what I had already learned.

What are your career goals and how do you think your education at Golf Academy of America is helping you achieve them?
My career goal is to become a GM. With the things that I can offer from what I learned at Golf Academy of America, I am confident that this is in my near future.