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Kyle Kilgore - Assistant Professional at Cleveland Country Club, Cleveland, Tennessee

May 27, 2014

Recent Golf Academy of America Myrtle Beach graduate Kyle Kilgore shared this message about his time at Golf Academy of America:

"It's been almost 5 months since I left my 'vacation' house in Myrtle Beach and had to come home to Tennessee and find a real job. I am currently the Assistant Professional at Cleveland Country Club in Cleveland, Tennessee and I wouldn't trade this job for anything! Unless that anything was a few million dollars in cash up front but, hey, that is a different story. Seriously though, I am very happy where I am at right now and I just wanted to say that the instructors at Golf Academy of America gave me the tools I needed to succeed in this industry and I walked in feeling confident I could do anything that was asked of me inside that Pro Shop."

"I plan on starting the PGA process by this fall and I've been thinking of eventually coming back to Golf Academy of America and teaching. That is a little down the road though. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge of the game and the industry with me."