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Lauren Tallman - PGA Assistant Golf Professional

May 27, 2014

Tallman, a 2011 graduate of Golf Academy of America Myrtle Beach, splits her golfing time between two coasts. She works six months in Florida and six months in New York, via positions she found on the PGA Links.

Tallman says she pursued a career in golf in order to help others get the most from the game. "I enjoy giving lessons and seeing people achieve their goals and improve," she says. "This is more than just a career for me, this is a passion. I enjoy going to work every single day because I get to see how happy golf makes individuals.

The instructors at Golf Academy of America helped me by showing me many different career directions, and helping me to decide what career would fit my personality best," Tallman says. "They also helped me with my golf swing, and to become a better golf instructor. The confidence I gained through my time at Golf Academy of America and working in the golf industry of Myrtle Beach helped me to work closer to my goals."

Tallman's advice for those wanting to get into the golf business? "Stop waiting and get to it!"