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Paul Lepler General Manager at The Courses at London Bridge

Nov 4, 2013

GAA Alumnus Paul Lepler

How did you achieve your current position?
In March 2011, I started working in outside service for Kokopelli Golf Course, one of our sister courses in Phoenix. After six months, I moved into the Pro Shop, working on tournament prep. I took over as Tournament Coordinator in May 2012. I then got hired as the Assistant General Manager at The Courses in December 2012. The General Manager who hired me took a new position at one of our other courses, and I was promoted to General Manager in April 2013.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?
I started playing the game when I was 7 years old and loved it my whole life. I never had any desire to play competitively, but always loved the atmosphere around the golf course. In 2009, I was working in the insurance industry. We went through some corporate downsizing and I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I started researching job opportunities in the golf industry and found Golf Academy of America. I had family living in Phoenix, so attending that location was a natural fit. I always knew I wanted to work at a "green grass" facility.

How did Golf Academy of America help you achieve your goals?
Golf Academy gave me knowledge and understanding of the industry from the inside out. Prior to attending the Academy, I had only been a consumer of the game, never an employee. GAA gave me the confidence I needed to feel like I could do anything I wanted within the industry.

What advice would you give those wanting to get into the golf business?
Check your ego at the door! My first job after graduation was washing carts and scrubbing clubs at the local daily fee golf course. Two years later, I was running a 36-hole semi-private facility with 250 members and about 75,000 rounds played each year. I started at the Academy with more career experience and education than most people probably do, but you have to be willing to start at the bottom and work your way to the top in this business.