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David Rosinski Assistant Professional at Detwiler Park GC/Master Golf Management, LLC

Jun 25, 2013

GAA Alum David Rosinski

My dad introduced me to golf at a young age, and I eventually grew to love the game to the point that I could never see myself doing anything else. I don't consider working in the golf industry as a job. It is a lifestyle.

Prior to attending Golf Academy of America, I had built a rather large network within Toledo golf. I worked very hard at the Academy on my academics and golf game. I received the President's Award and graduated with honors. I then returned to Toledo, Ohio to further my golf career. My employers were impressed with my achievements at the Academy.

This off-season, I had several job offers because of my achievements and my past experience. I'm confident my education set me apart from the other candidates who applied for these positions. I am currently assistant professional at Detwiler Park GC/Master Golf Management, LLC.

Golf Academy of America touched on every aspect of the golf industry and allowed me to hit the ground running with my current position. On arrival, my golf game was "just okay." About six months prior to graduation, PGA instructor Gregg Funderburk at the Myrtle Beach campus changed my game for the rest of my life. I can now compete with the better players in northern Ohio, and I owe it all to him.

For those wanting to get into the golf business, I would advise you to ensure your heart is really in golf and the business of golf.  Along the way, you will wear many hats and have more responsibilities than you may expect.  You will work long hours and deal with many stressful situations. When things get tough, keep your head up. Tomorrow will always be a better day. Take each day as a learning experience and push yourself to get better.