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GAA Orlando instructor interviewed on PGA Tour Radio

Feb 13, 2014

Brendon Elliot, PGA, is an instructor at Golf Academy of America in Orlando and the founder of Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development. He was recently interviewed on the PGA Tour Radio show "Maginnes on Tap" regarding his decision to work with young golfers.

"This wasn't something I foresaw until I had my own children," Elliot said. "When my daughter was 4, I started looking around and seeing that there was a gaping hole in the industry as far as instruction for young kids. That piqued my interest. This has been the most rewarding couple of years I've had in the industry."

The Little Linksters program has more than 140 members in Orlando, and is growing rapidly. Current not-for-profit outreach includes mobile instruction at daycares and other facilities that host children. In January, this 501 (C) (3) organization will also launch a program for children with disabilities.  

The second phase of the company is an LLC that runs a school for children. "We have a great group of instructors, most of them from the Golf Academy of America, where I teach business classes," Elliot said. "We have minimal fees at this point, and we are doing a lot of fundraising and grant writing to try to get the cost down to next to nothing."

Little Linksters has had great success introducing the game to children whose parents have never played golf. "We are reaching into the family as well, letting them know about all the cool things that golf can bring to them," said Elliot. "Regardless of age or ability, golf should be about having a good time."

Hear more of his thoughts about Little Linksters and teaching at Golf Academy of America from SoundCloud.