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Golf Academy of America in San Diego graduates 37 with Associate Degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management

Apr 28, 2015

SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2015 — After 16 months of teeing up, driving, putting and hitting the books, 176 Golf Academy of America students graduated with an Associate Degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management during separate graduation ceremonies on April 25. As a highlight, Southern California PGA Section Executive Director and CEO, Tom Addis provided a keynote address at the graduation.

"A new generation of golf is just getting started," said Keri Burnett, marketing director at Golf Academy of America. "We saw it on the young faces watching and admiring 21-year-old Jordan Spieth winning the Masters this year, and we see it in the passion and energy that our students bring to the course every day. Our students put in a lot of hard work and are prepared to step into golf careers anywhere in the world. We're looking forward to seeing them thrive."

2015 Golf Academy of America San Diego graduates and hometowns:

Jason An
Madison, Wis.

Nickolai Bakewell

John Barnard

Derek Beattie

Travis Boerner
Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Christoper Boshell
San Diego, Calif.

Keith Cates

Robert Chaplain
San Clemente, Calif.

John Chappell
Lake Forest, Calif.

Corey Dobson

Virginio Dollette
Temecula, Calif.

Lijun Feng
Hayward, Calif.

Anthony Freund
Wenatenee, Wash.

Cory Frizzell
Redding, Calif.

Adam Gardea
Whittier, Calif.

Joshua Go
Montville, Conn.

Paul Haensler
Adrian, Mich.

Garrett Hansen

Ashley Huizing

Turner Jones
Little Rock, Ark.

Andrew Ka-ne
Kahuka, Hawaii

Takashi Kishimoto
Tokyo, Japan

William Louden
San Diego, Calif.

Andres Maniti
San Diego, Calif.

Mitchell Mcaughan
Sumner, Wash.

Anna Mehr
Louisville, Ky.

Ricky Motsinger
Denver, Colo.

David Quist
Mission Viejo, Calif.

John Randle
Chico, Calif.

Alberto Ruiz
Laredo, Texas

Michael Schlech
Halifax Nova Scotia

Evan Schultz
Missaula, Mont.

Troy Schumacker
Sacramento, Calif.

Bo Kyung Shin
South Korea

James Smith
Oceanside, Calif.

Randolph Tholen
Redding, Calif.

Miguel Urtiz
Sacramento, Calif.

Golf Academy of America, the largest and longest-running 16-month golf career college in the world, prepares graduates for a wide array of golf career opportunities in the $76-billion-a-year industry. Golf Academy of America is a golf course management school offering a comprehensive curriculum of golf instruction and business management and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

The 16-month program balances classroom studies, practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of both the game and the business of golf. Golf Academy of America boasts an exceptional career placement record for graduates for opportunities including: golf teaching professionals, tournament organizers, club managers and owners, golf manufacturing representatives, product development specialists and golf professionals at golf-related companies, among many other golf career options.

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About Golf Academy of America
Golf Academy of America (formerly the San Diego Golf Academy) is the largest and longest-running two-year golf college in the world. Golf Academy of America's 16-month program balances classroom studies, practical experience and comprehensive understanding of both the game and the business of golf. Campuses are located in San Diego, Phoenix, Orlando, Myrtle Beach and Dallas. For more information, call 800-342-7342 or visit Golf Academy of America schools are owned and operated by the Education Corporation of America, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala.