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Golf Fanatics Looking for an Industry-In Can Now Apply to Golf Academy of America for January 2015 Classes

Oct 27, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, AL., October 27, 2014 – Golf fanatics and passionate folks looking for an industry-in can now apply to the Golf Academy of America's 2015 spring semester – classes beginning in January. Golf Academy of America, the largest and longest-running two-year golf college in the world offers a comprehensive, 16-month program that prepares graduates for a rewarding career in the golf industry.

"I had a strong level of desire to become involved in the golf industry, I just did not know how to get there," said Golf Academy of America student and Marine Corps Veteran Eric Busto. "I'm graduating very soon. I have a job that's waiting for me. Life couldn't get any better."

Students at Golf Academy of America receive expert training from PGA members and other industry leaders often giving them a well-connected edge into the field. The blend of golf instruction, business education and the comprehensive career placement program prepares graduates to step into positions in the golf industry regardless of their prior golf background.

Graduates of the two-year program receive an associate's degree in Golf Management. Financial aid is available to qualified applicants. Military education benefits pay tuition plus a monthly stipend for qualified military veterans, who comprise 35 percent of students at Golf Academy of America's five accredited campuses throughout the nation.

To fill out an online application or find out more information, check out, or call (800) 342-7342. And, visit our Facebook page to see what our talented students are up to.

About Golf Academy of America
Golf Academy of America (formerly the San Diego Golf Academy) is the largest and longest-running two-year golf college in the world. Golf Academy of America's 16-month program balances classroom studies, practical experience and comprehensive understanding of both the game and the business of golf. Campuses are located in San Diego, Phoenix, Orlando, Myrtle Beach and Dallas. For more information, call 800-342-7342 or visit Golf Academy of America schools are owned and operated by the Education Corporation of America, headquartered in Birmingham, AL.