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Jobs in Golf: Turf Management

Lush fairways and greens have become synonymous with the game of golf. If you’d prefer the great outdoors to an office, love the sport and have a green thumb, a career in turf management might ...

Nov 18, 2014

From Construction to Golf Instructor to Author: Dan Courtney’s Story

Dan Courtney needed a change. He worked in construction. It was going ok, but nothing special. Then the recession hit. The construction industry fell flat. It wasn’t like construction was his calling either way. It was a decent living, but he wanted something more.

Nov 10, 2014

Jobs in Golf: Club Fitter

Golf club fitters have a passion for education and helping pros and amateurs improve their game. They work one-on-one with a client to build personalized equipment, taking size, strength and athletic ability into consideration. Good club fitters grasp the ...

Oct 28, 2014

Golf Fanatics Looking for an Industry-In Can Now Apply to Golf Academy of America for January 2015 Classes

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. — October 27, 2014 — Golf fanatics and passionate folks looking for an industry-in can now apply to the Golf Academy of America's 2015 spring semester — classes beginning in January. Golf Academy of America, the largest and longest-running two-year golf college in the world offers a comprehensive, 16-month program that prepares graduates for a rewarding career in the golf industry.

"I had a strong level of desire to become involved in the golf industry, I just did not know how to get there," said Golf Academy of America student and Marine Corps Veteran Eric Busto. "I'm graduating very soon. I have a job that's waiting for me. Life couldn't get any better."

Oct 27, 2014

Golf Is More Than a Game. It’s a Career.

“It’s just a game.” Growing up, most of us have had a parent or coach console us after a disappointing day at the field, gym or golf course. And for most of us, that is quite true. You have to be exceptionally gifted at a sport – golf in particular – to make the game into a career. But what if that isn’t the case? What if ...

Oct 20, 2014

Jobs in Golf: Retail

From clubs and tees, right down to specialized shoes, golf is a sport that requires a fair amount of gear. A retail outlet is any place where golfers can purchase equipment, clothing and supplies. Approximately 25 percent of total consumer spending on golf is in ...

Oct 14, 2014