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Corporate Partnerships Provide Job Awareness, Career Opportunities to Golf Academy of America Graduates

Bridgestone, National Golf Course Owners Association and ClubCorp Among Leading Industry Partners

April 25, 2014 — Birmingham, Ala. — Fewer than three years since graduating from Golf Academy of America, Andrew Capelli has traveled to hundreds of golf courses and analyzed thousands of swings.

Capelli works for Bridgestone Golf. He began as a golf ball fitting technician helping players find the best type of golf ball to fit their swings. Today, his responsibility is much greater as Bridgestone's territory sales manager for western and central New York State.

"It's a fun job — you meet a lot of people and you visit a lot of new sites — and it's very rewarding," said Capelli, a graduate of Golf Academy of America's Myrtle Beach campus. "It's a little bit different than working at a golf course. And there's great opportunity for graduates."

May 20, 2014