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Golf Academy of America Graduates Land Prestigious Jobs

Ryan Lepler didn’t start at the top. Nobody does in the golf industry.

But his education from Golf Academy of America provided a start and the tools needed to get there.

Lepler’s first job upon graduation from Golf Academy of America in Phoenix was washing golf carts. Two years later, he was general manager of The Courses at London Bridge, a popular 36-hole facility.

Feb 12, 2014

Club Fitting: A Career That Combines Art and Science

It’s been said that good club fitters are a dying breed. David Estabrook, a golf professional at Golf Academy of America in Dallas, is making a point to counteract that notion, introducing his passion for club fitting to students as an ever-growing career option. 

Feb 5, 2014

Golf’s Ban on Anchor Putting: Fair or Unfair?

On January 1, 2016, the USGA’s ban on anchor putting takes effect, and the practice becomes officially illegal for the game. The new rule has stirred up quite a bit of debate in the golf community. Where does Golf Academy of America weigh in on the issue? It seems that our professionals are a good representation of the golfing community at large. We’ve got valid points and mixed emotions.

Jan 29, 2014