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Golf Vacations: Experts Weigh In On Choosing the Perfect Destination

Golf is hardly a spectator sport. The faithful would argue it's a lifestyle, and that certainly spills over into travel. Ed Ekis, a Golf Professional at Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, said that when vacationing, golf takes on a whole new light. "It is not about the challenge of your score and winning. It is about the shot presented, your personal reward for executing that shot, sharing it with your friends or family and cheering for them when they do the same."

But with so many golf destinations around the world, narrowing down a vacation spot can be difficult. Ekis' personal criteria include, "Fresh mountain air, crystal blue skies, ambience that creates peacefulness and relaxation."

We asked our staff of golf experts to weigh in on their favorite golf vacation destinations. Here's what they told us:

Sep 4, 2013

Does the type of ball really matter?

You've probably heard it said that your golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot, so the type of ball you use counts. But does the ball you use really make that much of a difference to your game? We asked some of the pros at Golf Academy of America this question and all of them agreed the golf ball you choose does make a difference…up to a point.

Aug 27, 2013

Technology and the Changing Face of Golf - The third in a 4-part series

Tim Eberlein, a PGA Master Professional and Campus Director of the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, has an interesting perspective on technology, thanks to his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Aug 22, 2013

Golf Academy of America Puts Cafferty on Tiger's Tract

One day, Brett Cafferty was a student working two jobs to pay the bills, one at the local Olive Garden.

The next, he’s working at posh Isleworth Country Club playing occasional rounds with Tiger Woods.

Today, he’s the head professional at Isleworth, a golf showplace near Orlando that’s home to two-dozen top PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professionals. His duties have included handling logistics – even the recruitment of players – for the star-studded Tavistock Cup, which returned to Isleworth in 2013.

How did a golfer with a 7 handicap and an engineering degree from Clarkson University near the Canadian border become the head pro at one of the world’s most prestigious golf hot spots?

Aug 21, 2013