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Student and Alumni Newsletter May 2015

May 21, 2015


GAA Now Offers the Convenience of Online Classes

LGAA Now Offers the Convenience of Online Classes

The flexibility of online classes is now available at Golf Academy of America. In fact, you can take your first semester 100% online if you choose! Then, in combination with on-campus classes, open play, tournaments and golf lessons, you'll be able to continue taking select classes online.

The option of online classes allows you to:

  • Have a flexible school schedule that fits into your current lifestyle and/or work responsibilities
  • Get started with training for your golf career while taking the time you need to transition to campus
  • Save money on residential costs during your first semester

Earning Your Online Golf Degree Is Flexible and Fun
We can't wait to see you soon on one of our five campuses, but online learning now — for the first semester — may be a good option to tee up your golf training. Canvas, our award-winning online platform is intuitive and user-friendly — even if you are a newcomer to online education. And you'll have 24-hour support if needed.

Available classes include:

  • BM 109 Microcomputer Applications
  • BM 181 Fundamentals of Business Management
  • CS 110 Attitude and Motivation Assessment
  • PE 107 History of Golf
  • PE 101A Rules of Golf I
  • CS 125 Business Writing
  • MK 176 Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Sales

Plus, more online classes will be added in the future!


Ryan Kern on Becoming a Head Golf Professional

Ryan is a 2012 graduate currently working as Head Golf Professional at Millenium Golf Management in Tempe, Ariz.

Ryan Kern on Becoming a Head Golf Professional

What do you do as Head Golf Professional?
I'm in charge of lesson programs, merchandising, scheduling, tournament and league operations, food and beverage management, special event planning, employee hiring and training. I also have a side business building and repairing custom golf clubs, which has really helped supplement my income.

How did Golf Academy of America prepare you for your current position?
The GAA instructors drove home the fundamentals of the golf swing, which has helped me instruct hundreds of my students. Learning the business side of the golf industry from people who have been very successful has really helped my problem-solving on the job and also given me creative ideas to boost business.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?
Going to Golf Academy of America was the best move I made in furthering my career.

Tell us about your career accomplishments since graduation.
I started working outside service and within two years I was promoted to Head Golf Professional. Being only 24 years old, I rely on the training and mentoring of the instructors from Golf Academy of America. I am currently going through the PGA apprentice program and am learning more and more each week.

What are your career goals and how do you think your education at Golf Academy of America is helping you achieve them?
My goal is to become a PGA member and get TPI certified. Eventually I want to be the General Manager at a high-end golf facility. I believe GAA gave me the solid foundation to achieve anything in the golf industry.

If you are passionate about something, you will make money at it. I started out making $8.35 an hour only two years ago and I'm now making $45,000-$50,000 a year and looking forward to a raise when I complete my PGA education.

Dominique Reed Talks About Women in Golf Industry

Dominique Reed, a graduate of Golf Academy of America, works in outside operations with National Golf Management, LLC. Even though her playing experience was minimal, Reed changed career paths after 30 years, and chose Golf Academy of America to further her education. In this video, she explains why golf is a solid career choice for women.



5 Golf Courses Near our Phoenix Campus

Our students reap the rewards because they get to play some amazing courses, including special access to courses near their campus.

Check out some of the courses you can play near Golf Academy of America in Phoenix:

5 Golf Courses Near our Phoenix Campus


  • Southern Dunes - Surrounded by desert, this is a good place to start for your Phoenix-area golf experience and measures in at more than 7,500 yards from the tips. It is one of the top courses to play in the area.
  • Ocotillo Golf Resort - This is another desert beauty. Designed by Ted Robinson, Ocotillo is a 4.5-star-rated course by Golf Digest. The course features water and waterfalls, something you don't always see on desert area golf courses.
  • The Raven Golf Club If you're looking for something a little bit unique when it comes to golf in Arizona, check out The Raven. The course is more than 7,000 yards from the back trees and features endless mature pine trees. You will use every type of shot on this course.
  • Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch - Even if you're having a bad round, you won't be disappointed with the mountain backdrop at this beauty. It's a par 71 coming in at more than 6,900 yards.
  • Troon North - A Tom Weiskopf design and a genuine desert classic, you've got to see these courses to believe them. There are two 18-hole courses at this incredible setting. It's an amazingly rugged landscape softened by the impressive golf holes.




Three Tough Golf Shots Made Easy

Three Tough Golf Shots Made Easy

One reason golf intrigues us so much is because there are so many factors that contribute to hitting a good shot. Even if you hit a good shot, additional contributing factors could still force you into a bad situation: Distance. Lie. Wind. Stance. Trees. Sand. Water. Speed of the green.

There's another big factor - your mind. Was your last shot awful? Was it awesome? Do you need a birdie to get back into contention? Did you hit a bad shot the last time you used this club? Even a regular shot can drive you crazy if you let it.

So how can you increase your confidence when making some of the more difficult golf shots? GAA has a few tips to make these tough shots a little less daunting.

Tee box
Picture a narrow tee shot on a par 4 with trees on both sides. If you miss left or right, you're bound to drop some strokes on the hole. A lot of amateur golfers tend to want to hit their driver on a par 4 regardless of the situation. We all like to see the ball go far, but down the fairway is a better feeling than long into the woods. The best way to make this shot easier is to pick a club that you're most likely to hit straight. Why not grab a hybrid and give yourself a really solid shot at par?

Shots over water
Approach shots over water are frightening for everyone, even professionals. When it comes to a shot over water, this is the time to be ultra conservative. Don't think about the pin. Take aim at the center of the green or ever the portion of the green that's furthest from the water. Even if you end up three-putting – and we all hate three-putting – at least you didn't lose a ball simply by psyching yourself out because of the water. Plus, you'll be pumped up that you didn't hit it in the water, so you'll be ready to make a confident putt.

Putting downhill
Is there any putt worse than a downhill four-footer? Do you take out any break and try to slam it into the back of the cup? Do you play it cautious and hit it softly? The biggest thing with these little putts is to not overthink it. Take a look at the putt from behind the hole, pick your line, make a realistic practice stroke and knock it in. As soon as you start treating the putt drastically different than other putts is when your mind starts playing tricks on you. Keep it simple with this one for best results.

The biggest lesson of all is to remember that you play golf because you enjoy it. Embrace the difficult shots, and remember these easy tips to tame them next time you're on the course.