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Andrew Vosburg Del Mar Country Club

Jan 23, 2013

Like a lot of Golf Academy of America graduates, Andrew Vosburg's path to a golf career wasn't a straight line.

After earning an associate's degree in Human Behavioral Sciences from a community college, he spent about a year as a sales representative at Vector Marketing making cold calls and in-house appointments. While he looked for his next educational opportunity, he played a lot of golf with his friends. After a hot summer of working construction he looked into GAA at the suggestion of a friend. Even though Andrew was hesitant about the quality of his game, he enrolled in fall of 2011.

Andrew picks up the story. "After my first semester I got hired as an outside service attendant at the Vineyard in Escondido. With my advancing knowledge of the golf industry from the GAA, I was quickly adapting to the golf environment at the Vineyard and within three months got moved inside to the pro shop as an assistant golf professional. I was working just under 30 hours per week while still going to school full time at the Academy. In my spare time I would take lessons from the instructors at the GAA which improved my game drastically. I went into the GAA as a sixteen handicap and brought it down to an eight before I left. I would not have been able to achieve this type of success without the help of the PGA professionals I had the pleasure to meet through the GAA."

At the end of Andrew's third semester, the Director of Career Services informed him of an opening at the Del Mar Country Club. He got the job and has worked there since.

Andrew feels good about his future in the golf industry. "Attending Golf Academy of America has influenced me to be more professional on and off the course and become an integral part of the golf industry."

Andrew Vosburg is a Golf Academy of America in San Diego Alumnus.