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Ben Pluer Director of Golf Fairways of Woodside Golf Course

Aug 23, 2012

Q & A with Ben Pluer, by Brian Weis

Tell us about yourself.
I've been the Director of Golf at the beautiful Fairways of Woodside for the past three years. I've only been in the golf business for five years so I am very fortunate to have progressed so quickly in an industry that I love.

When did you start golfing and who introduced you do the game?
I started golfing in the second grade with a set of second-hand women's clubs that I shared with my brother. My best memory was when I met the late, great Payne Stewart at Rainbow Springs when I was in fifth grade. He was larger than life to me and I owe him all the credit for my true passion for the best game ever invented!

To date, what is your proudest golf accomplishment?
I quit my job at a home improvement store nine years and up and moved to South Carolina to attend Golf Academy of America. Then I moved back to S.E. Wisconsin and three years later I am the Director of Golf at an awesome course. I never dreamed that it would happen so fast and am very fortunate for having a job I love in the golf business being around a game I love so much!

What is your biggest golf pet peeve on or off the course?
It bugs me when golfers have to pull their carts within inches of tee boxes and greens. There are perfectly good carts path's right there! If you can't walk the extra 10 feet, maybe bowling is better suited for you!!

What is your favorite club in the bag and why?
60 degree lob wedge. It's gotten me out of tons of trouble.

What is your favorite golf destination?
Kohler and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

What course is on your bucket list?
There's a quaint little course down south, Georgia I think? Maybe you've heard of it…Augusta?

If you could play one course you've played before, where would you play?
Whistling Straits. You don't even feel like you're in America! Just amazing!

If you could change one aspect about golf, what would it be and why?
Golfers should get a two-stroke penalty for not fixing their ball marks on the green. I'm serious.

Dream foursome (living)?
My two sons, Bill Murray and myself.

Dream foursome (living or dead)?
My two sons, Payne Stewart and myself.

Hitting a long drive or sinking a long putt?
Both don't suck.

Having round of a lifetime or a hole-in-one?
Round of a lifetime. That's why we golf, to get good—not lucky.

Golfing at the crack of dawn or twilight?
Twilight. Slow old guys play in the morning.

Hit a power fade or power draw?
Snap hook usually.

Beverage cart or halfway house?
Beverage cart—I met my wife on one of those. WAIT…halfway house, for sure!

Bathroom or bushes?
#1 bushes, #2 bathroom.

Hot dog or wrap?
Footlong dog.

Being around the green, in sand or thick rough?

Walking or riding?

Do you carry traditional 3 iron or a hybrid?
Hybrid. 18-degree.

Do you prefer long par 3 or long par 5?
Par 5. It only takes one good shot to make up for two bad ones.

Pants or shorts?
Pants. I have serious chicken legs.

Palmer or Nicklaus?

Play for fun or play for money?
Winning money is super fun! So both.

Bump and run or flop shot?
Flop shot.

Lay-up or gamble?

18 holes or 36?
16…I usually fall apart on the last 2 holes.

Beatles or Elvis?
Elvis. It's all in the hips!

Ben Pluer is a Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach Alumnus.