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Brian Michaud Student at Golf Academy of America in San Diego and Team Member at SCPGA Junior Tour

Sep 25, 2013

Brian Michaud

The Recession hit Brian Michaud extra hard. After working as a retail manager for 10 years, his position was eliminated. Five days after losing his job, a family member had a massive stroke. Michaud found purpose in these misfortunes, and spent the next two years caring for his relative.

Upon moving to the San Diego area, Michaud discovered a new drive for success. He set lofty goals for his career when he enrolled at Golf Academy of America in San Diego in May of 2012. Michaud wanted to achieve the President's Award and graduate as valedictorian.

By the end of his third semester, Michaud was well on his way to achieving these goals by securing two of the five certification requirements. He also received the highest merits in his class.

Now at the end of his tenure at the Academy, Michaud still pursues his passion for golf and his career "with all the fervor that one who is drowning grasps a life preserver." He has achieved every goal he set for himself while also working as a Federal Work Study student and serving as a class representative and peer mentor. He works for the Junior Tour and has decided to continue his education through Virginia College by pursuing his Bachelor's Degree.