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Erin Hatcher Future PGA Tour Player and Teaching Professional

Aug 23, 2012

Shooting all sub-74 rounds since starting GAA is just one advantage this aspiring pro has enjoyed during his school tenure.

I was part of a top-contending college team at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO. Even though I always had a dream to compete at a higher level, such as professional tours, I never put the pursuit into consideration until December, 2010 when a small business owner approached me with a sponsorship offer for the Gateway Tour. I played a few events waiting on the sponsor's money, but right off the bat I was questioning myself and my ability to compete. I thought to myself, "I'm shooting for my dream right?"

Well, the sponsor fell through so I had to figure out something. A close friend of mine headed to San Diego to start his first semester at the Golf Academy of America. He suggested I check out the Phoenix campus. I did. After research and a visit, I started in May, 2011. Now that I am in my third semester (with one to go) I wish I would have come here first, and then went to pursue the mini tour. When I first came out here to compete I bought new clubs fitted especially for me. However, the guy that fitted me didn't do me any justice. What do I mean? After I learned what fitting and equipment was all about at GAA, I re-fit my clubs myself and haven't hit the ball better in my life. I have become a +1 handicap and haven't shot a round over 74 since being at the Academy. So basically I have become a more consistent all-around player and am excited to compete again in the future with the teachings that I have received at the Golf Academy of America.

The resources of PGA instructors are top notch in my opinion and believe me when I tell you that I have picked many of their brains on different techniques since I've been here. So where I go from here is still up in the air but I am glad that I am experiencing everything about the business and game while I'm here. Dreams are exactly what they are and keep all of us in line to chase them until we reach them. I set that dream of playing on the PGA Tour at the top, and at the age of 36, I will never give up on that. Thanks to The Golf Academy of America, I am one step closer than I was before.