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Jonathan Standiford Admissions Associate, Golf Academy of America in San Diego

Sep 17, 2012

As a student at Golf Academy of America in San Diego, Jonathan Standiford worked in Player Services at Maderas Golf Club. He enjoyed this because he could see his class learning being applied at the club.

At the beginning of his fourth semester Mr. Standiford "put the pedal to the metal" regarding his career in the golf industry. He reached out to manufacturing companies, golf courses and network contacts. He interviewed at quite a few green grass facilities and had other interviews, but his career destiny was closer to home.

After graduating in 2008 he interviewed with Golf Academy of America for a position as a Financial Planner. With a background in finance and customer relations, he considered this to be a perfect fit–and so did GAA.

Over the next 18 months Mr. Standiford excelled in this position and advanced to his current position of Admissions Associate under Director of Admissions Henry Salgado.

"This as a great opportunity to give back to both incoming and current students by sharing my story and experience as a graduate of the Academy," said Mr. Standiford.

He believes he would not be where he is today if he had not attended GAA, attributing his success to class experiences, the people he met and the support system that was made available to him.

His advice to others? "You have to be committed to putting yourself out there by searching and never giving up on your dreams."