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Kevin Connole Instructor, Golf Academy of America in San Diego

Oct 2, 2012

Since he was a child, Kevin Connole had always wanted to become a golf pro, but had no idea how to do it.

He had graduated from BYU with a degree in Korean, and was working on an international business degree when he decided to quit school temporarily and work to save the money he needed to finish. By this time, Mr. Connole had a family to support and more children on the way, so he was working at various jobs just to make ends meet. But one thing never failed: Kevin always found himself at a golf course. So one day, driving to his wife's class reunion, Kevin realized that he needed a change. He knew he had two choices: to own his own business or follow his dream and do what he loved—golf. Kevin found a Golf Academy of America brochure that he had stashed away years ago and made his decision. He packed up his wife, four young children and a newborn and moved everyone to Arizona. It was a tough decision, but he believed GAA would help him achieve his dream.

Kevin arrived at GAA at the age of thirty and immediately got a job selling cars, because that's what he knew how to do. But that hadn't satisfied him before, so within months Connole sought out a job at Talking Stick. It was a tough schedule, working almost 40 hours a week and attending school but Kevin knew that to succeed, he needed to be the best. At Golf Academy of America – Phoenix, Kevin took his 14.0 handicap to a 7.2 and earned all the possible certifications including the Player Credentials, and valedictorian of his class.

During the break between his last two semesters at GAA Kevin taught at Nike Golf School and Junior Camps and after graduation became Director of the Nike Camps. At the same time, he served as an assistant pro at Wasatch Mountain. But he wasn't progressing towards earning his PGA, so he returned to Arizona to complete the PGA program and earned his membership while he worked at Oakwood Golf Club. He then accepted the position of Head Pro at Robson Ranch, a brand new golf course inside a retirement community. Then he became restless again and went after another life goal: to start his own company. His successful company ran sports programs, sports camps, after-school programs and golf camps for online charter schools until the economic downturn. He then found his way to his current position as an instructor at the GAA in San Diego.

Kevin believes he has achieved all of his positions throughout his career because of the lessons he learned at the GAA as well as to his experience of having family.